Inspection & Sertification


The scopes of services Intercoach International are:

  • Technical Inspection Services of Lifting and Hoisting Equipment

  • Safety Training


Intercoach International providing independent inspection & expediting services globally delivered by highly qualified and trained inspector as a competent person. The wide range of inspection services can be used by organization to make sure the equipment facilities, products and systems comply with all the applicable requirements.


  • Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • Onshore and Offshore Rig Services

  • Handling Tools Inspection

  • Non Destructive Test such as:

    • Magnetic Particle inspection
    • Dye Penetrant Test
    • Ultrasonic Test


Our standard accredited lifting division is dedicated to ensuring your equipment remains in compliance with all relevant standards and regulation such as DNV 2.7, BSEN 12079, British standard, Australian standard, API standard American Welding Society D1.1 and LOLER (Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulation) etc. We do not take this accreditation lightly and all of our inspectors are regularly audited ensuring the highest possible levels of competency
Our Lifting Inspection Service Are:

  • Certified Visual Inspection of Lifting Accessories
  • Certified Test and Thorough Examination of Container, Basket, Skid, etc
  • Load testing on new builds or modified units
  • Conduct lifting / lifted equipment inspection and audits on offshore and onshore facilities
  • Offshore and Onshore Rig Services
  • Non Destructive Test

Safe Operating Practices

Call for care and vigilance when operating heavy lift and pulling equipment. Crane, Hoists, Slings and Shackles all require regular inspection and certification to ensure the equipment meets the minimum requirement and standards for the industry.

Handling Tool

Equipment Inspection
This procedures is applicable to the qualification of pipe handling equipment including slip, clamp, elevator, spider and elevator link (bails), supplemental requirements maybe specified by the customer’s drilling manager when extremely heavy load (critical service) are to be handled.

Our Handling Inspection Sercice are:

  • Certified Visual and NDT Inspection
  • Dimensional Check
  • Test Function
  • Post Inspection


Upon successful completion, candidates will be issued:

  • A Sertificates of competence from PT. Intercoach Safety Services, ID Card and Safety Passport.

  • We can also provide Depnaker and Migas certified sertification.

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