List of Our Training

Basic Orientation Training
Sea Survival
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
Fire Awarness & Extinguisher Training
Basic Life Support
Basic Offshore Safety Emergency Training (BOSET)
COXWAIN Small Boat Handling
Defensive Driving
Helicopter Fire & Rescue
Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)
Confined Space Entry
Hazardous Material Safe Handling
Respiratory Awarness / Protection
H2S Awarness
Hazardous Waste Management
Waste Management Program
Industrial Hygiene
Gas Testing
Fall Prevention / Protection
Office Safety

Personal Protective Equipment
Basic Scaffolding
Advance Scaffolding
Scaffolding Inspection
Take Time Out
Basic Rigging
Rigging & Slinging
Rigging & Slinging Intermediate
Rigging & Slinging Advance
Banksman / Dogsman
Crane Operator
Crane Operator with Certificate of Competency
Forklift Operator
Safety Officer
AK3 Umum
Safety for Manager
Operator Genset
Training of Trainer

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